Increase the Water Pressure

Get quick, strong showers while helping the environment. The EcoFlow reduces water usage and boosts water pressure by combining H20 laser perforated technology with 300 water-saving micro-holes. A showerhead that improves both your daily routine and the environment.

Chlorine's Effects

Chlorine depletes your hair and skin's natural oils, leaving them dry, harsh, and damaged.

Altering hair color, weakening hair strands, and causing split ends are some of the frightening impacts on your body.

It's critical to remove chlorine from your shower's water stream if you want to keep your hair healthy!


Healthier Hair and Skin

Showering with just purified water can bring out the natural shine in your hair and skin.

A PP cotton filter is included with our Propeller Driven Shower Head to eliminate pollutants from the water. It helps maintain the health of your skin and hair from harmful and dangerous bacteria, ensuring that you are always squeaky clean.

Gentle on your skin and healthy for your hair.

Enjoy 3 Showers Modes

Massage: is our most effective concentrated stream for releasing tension.

Rainfall: a more pleasant shower with a constant, steady spray of water.

Jetting: is a high-intensity spray that invigorates your senses and wakes you up.


Reduce your water usage.

We're dedicated to making a shower that's better for both you and the environment. Our cutting-edge showerheads have laser perforated micro-holes and a stop/start button to help you save money while reducing your environmental impact.